Sustainability and The Natural Environment is an important aspect of our learning curriculum at The Children's Spot. We encourage the children to learn about sustainability by providing them with everyday experiences and explorations within their learning environment.

We use a broad range of materials to acheive this; choice resources, aesthetics of our centre, our natural garden environment, all the way through to the connection and relationships we have with families and the wider community.The Physical Environment has been designed with Sustainability in mind.

  • Natural ventilation and light is featured throughout each learning environment. Limited use of airconditioing is promoted.
  • All learning environments extend out into our natural playground and garden.
  • We have soft play areas, with recycled matts for children to sit on, as well as soft play areas.
  • Re use sustainable and chemical free cleaning agents throughout the centre.
  • Use of mulch within our garden area.
  • Worm Habitat to teach children about composting and harvesting food for plants.
  • Dedicated greenhouse herb garden to encourage children to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Families are free to readily use these herbs in their own home environment.
  • We encourage play within the natural gardens to stimulate children's minds, and allow them to connect to their natural environment and surroundings.
  • Natural Shading within our outdoor environment.

The Children's Spot provide a safe and hygenic environment for children, families and educators.