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The amount of the new Child Care Subsidy you will be entitled to will depend on three key things:

  • How much ‘recognised’ activity you and your partner undertake each fortnight. The entitlement is based on the lesser activity figure for

    a member of a couple.

  • What your combined family income is.

  • The child care fees you pay (hourly rate caps apply for each service type).

You will need to report changes in both income and activity to Centrelink, while we will be reporting on your child’s sessions of care and our fees. The estimator provides a rough guide in 2017-18 dollars based on The Children's Spot’s 2017-18 fees. The actual Child Care Subsidy that you are entitled to after 2 July 2018 may differ depending on the accuracy of the information that you have provided, whether your circumstances change (eg income and activity levels), the decisions made by the Commonwealth Government when assessing eligibility for and entitlement to the subsidy and any changes to our centre fees. We have also made another of assumptions for the purposes of this estimator.