Our centre philosophy focuses on providing a loving, nurturing and educational environment where children ultimately come first. Our philosophy has been developed in conjunction with our mission in creating a supportive and loving community that involved children, their families, educators, community, cultural diversity and our environment.

We are committed in providing high quality education and care for each individual child and their family.

  • We believe that children ultimately come first. They need love and nurture in order to develop trust to develop confidence in their environment and their relationships.

    We believe that every child is unique and come from unique backgrounds and will be included regardless of class, abilities, or diversity. All children are seen as capable, confident and competent learners of their environment. We believe that children have the right to be active participants when engaging in their own independent learning.

    As Educators, we are passionate about children’s early learning development and believe that children learn more quickly in their early years than in any other stage of their life. With this we are passionate and trained when guiding and empowering children to express their needs, interests, opinions and ideas.

    We believe that children are confident, in a stimulating and nurturing environment that embraces their development and fosters their individual interests and capabilities. By providing a safe and secure environment for the children where they are protected we enable children to cherish their surroundings and flourish into young adults.

    The children’s development and learning is outlined and is modelled by the principles, practices and outcomes ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. Through this curriculum we are able to collaboratively work with children and their families to promote their interests and learning through inspirational experiences, and innovative interactions that promote self-awareness and environmental understanding.

  • The Children’s Spot recognises that each family is diverse and unique. We recognise and cherish that family is the most important and influential factor of a young child’s life, and through this we aim to involve parents and families directly in their child’s learning and development. We believe it is vital to create and maintain positive relationships with parents and families.

    Our collaborative relationships with families is important to our philosophy and to our individual teaching philosophies, as educators we take on board input, feedback and opinions to develop and enhance our teaching curriculum. Our connections with families and their communities are important to us, and are highly valued factors within each individual child’s life.

  • Children and their individual lives, interests and opinions are the focus of our curriculum. Using the Early Years Learning Framework we implement our curriculum based on the children’s individual and group interests through intentional teaching and spontaneous activities. Through these methods, we are able to support their learning, as we recognise that children learn within their context through social interactions and experiences. Our curriculum will enable children to be explore, discover, create and imagine by having meaningful experiences and opportunities in a sustainable and nurturing environment.

  • Our Educators are passionate about the development and learning of young children. Each individual educator brings with them a diverse background of knowledge, individual experience and creativity. With these elements, our educators value and endeavour to create shared and individual goals to ensure that positive outcomes for children are achieved.

    We value and build upon each child’s strengths, interests and abilities, to ensure their motivation and self-confidence are key elements within their engaged learning experiences.

    Our educators believe in close and positive relationships with children, and through this understand that the foundation for this relationship is trust, and respect.

    As educators we believe that we too are learning within our current context. With this we are constantly developing and building our professional knowledge through education and training, and work together to evaluate and assess our practices in order to identify key factors that need further improvement and or add value to our environment.

    Our educators are a precious and valued resource and The Children’s Spot aims to a safe, well resourced, happy environment conducive to their professional development, motivation and well-being. Our Educators’ opinions, ideas, enthusiasm and dedication is the central strength of The Children’s Spot.

  • We believe that the community and cultural diversity are an integral aspect to our centre. We value our community input and participation.

    We also believe in the important utilisation of community resources to support our children, families and educators.

    Through acceptance, we are able to acknowledge and appreciate the diversity of our country and celebrate this in our centre curriculum. We respect, share and celebrate traditions and cultures that are present throughout the world around us, and integrate these in our curriculum and learning environment. Through this we are able to enrich the children’s lives by allowing them to engage and understand different cultures and identities of children around the world.

    We will aim to provide different learning experiences for children and families by integrating our community members into our curriculum. The Children’s Spot is open to new ideas, interests, opinions and feedback from all members of the community.

  • We embrace the natural environment and all its entities whole heartedly. We encourage children to become active members to connect to their natural environment through teaching them about sustainable practices and responsibilities to protect our earth.

    With this information we are able to provide children with respect for nature, flora and fauna, to understand and connect with the world that surrounds them and contribute to a safer, sustainable future.

    We aim to provide the children with rich, diverse and stimulating experiences that promote awareness for their environment and respect for the natural world around them.