We know that when searching for the right Early Learning Centre, there will always be any questions about the services that we provide and our curriculums at our centre. We understand that these questions are paramount in ensuring that you select the right learning environment for your child and your family.

Please take a look through below FAQs; these are the most commonly asked questions going through these processes. If you cannot find the answer to your question, or have a more tailored question specific to your child and family, please feel free to complete our enquiry form and you will be contacted directly about any of your questions.

Long Day Care is a centre based form of child care service. Long Day Care provides all day Quality Education and Care for your child. Through having age specific classrooms it allows your child to participate in fun filled educational activities to build upon peer social skills by interacting with children of their own age. Long Day Care provides the all educational activities, including preschool programs for children going to primary school the following year – with the benefits of longer session hours.

Age groups can vary centre to centre, but generally we cater for children aged 6 weeks to school age. Through contacting your nearby centre they will be able to provide you with the specific age groups they cater for.

Our centres, Wheeler Heights opens 7.00am and Hurstville opens 7:30am Monday to Friday, for 50 weeks of a calendar year, excluding public holidays. By contacting your preferred centre, they will be able to provide you with their specific operating hours. Or, if you have selected your local centre, the opening hours are on our website on the left hand side, along with the rest of the centre location and contact details.

All of our centres provide healthy nutritious meals including Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea and a Late Snack. We research and design our menus based on the Nutritional Guidelines for Children and Adolescence as well as the Get up and Grow program, and Munch and Move Initiative. We provide 4 weekly rotating menus for children aged 12months to 6 years old, a 2 week rotating menu for babies 6 months to 12 months – our Introduction to Solids Program, and also provide a fortnightly menu for children who have specific dietary requirements such as religious and cultural background needs and or allergy requirements. Our menus are based on seasons: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer to ensure that all produce is in season and taken from our local community and Australian farmers.

We provide nappies and wipes and will assist with toilet training. Through contacting your nearby centre they will be able to provide you with specific details of what they provide.

Once your enrolment is confirmed you will receive in your enrolment pack Important Reminders and Information about what to bring to the centre while your child is in attendance to ensure they have all their provisions for the day. These include: Your Child’s School Pack, consisting of their school bag, school sheets, school hat and toothbrush, as well as at least 2 change of clothes, water bottle and milk bottle. We also encourage any sleeping provisions such as dummies, sleep comforts and sleeping bags are brought to ensure your child rests comfortably while here at The Children’s Spot.

What are the fees?

Daily fees vary from centre to centre, and the cost for individual families will also vary depending on the amount of days your child attends and what classroom they will be in. You may also be eligible for government assistance. Through contacting your nearby centre as well as the Family Assistance Office they will be able to give you an estimation or quote based on your circumstance. All centres are approved for the Childcare Benefit and Rebates, so your government discounts will be taken into consideration as well.

Long Day Care secures your bookings for 52 weeks a year. If you are absent for the day or your scheduled day falls on a public holiday we still need to cover operating costs and therefore you are charged for the day. This is an industry standard practice. The Australian Government Assistance, Child Care Benefit is payable for 42 absent days a financial year. If your child is absent on their booked day, we ask that you contact the service by 10am to notify them of your child’s absence.

If you have planned a Holiday or are intending on your child being absent, notify your Centre Director in writing 2 weeks prior to the leave. Normal fees are still payable to secure your position within the centre. Your government rebates and benefits are still permissible to be used during these holiday absences.

There are two main subsidies provided by the Australian Government, these being Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR). By contacting the Family Assistance Office/Centrelink they will be able to determine what each family is eligible for. More information on CCB and CCR is available on www.mychild.gov.au or www.humanservices.gov.au.

All our Early Learning Centre’s provide educational programs guided by The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) our approved framework. Our Curriculums are guided by the children’s interests and learning journeys, where we provide a 50/50 planning curriculum – 50% is child based/interest based and the other 50% is based on teacher initiated/planned activities. For more information about our curriculums and approved framework, please visit our Curriculum Page.

Our Preschool School Readiness Program enables children to be ready for primary school and there are many elements that make a Preschool School Readiness Program work and be successful. This program is taught to all children aged 3-5 years old. With a strong belief in preparing children for Primary school from age 3, we understand that the transition to Big School is a big step for both children and their families. Therefore we aim to be there the whole time, as we believe the importance of working collaboratively with parents to allow children to maximise their opportunities to learn and develop.

We will be able to work with you to cater to your child’s individual needs and enable you to make the right choice for your child. Within our School Readiness Program, the Teachers and children use a range of digital media, to enhance their learning by providing the latest technology, which include IPads and Bluetooth Headphones. By incorporating these digital medias in our school readiness, we are giving our children the opportunity to discover and explore the digital media world, in an educational way. Within each of our classroom, there are the latest LED Flat Screens - which are connected to Apple TV.

In relation to our learning projects, these media devices, link the children to the real world when studying their learning topics through viewing documentaries that relate to their projects. It allows children to have the exposure to real life occurrences, making their learning topics and projects more meaningful.

The Children’s Spot will accommodate, facilitate and support additional needs as best as they can. Additional needs can vary from minor allergies to learning/development delays and behavioural issues. Our Centre Directors work closely with their Inclusion Support Facilitators within their local community to provide the best resources and outcomes for the children. It is best upon enrolment to discuss this with the Centre Director so we can work together on getting the best outcome for your child.

Upon enquiring, our Centre Directors will endeavour to contact you immediately, to organise a personalised tour of the centre. Although we have an open door and walk in policy, a personalised tour allows the director to schedule a time to dedicate themselves to answering any and all of your childcare questions. It also gives you the opportunity to meet with the Educators in the classroom and see the environment that your child be will be involved in day to day. You will be required to fill out a waitlist application, if there is a waitlist, and provide your family details for our system, to ensure that we can cater for your booking requirements. We do require a $50 waitlist fee, (non-refundable) to ensure that you are dedicated to having your child on the waitlist. Although this does not secure your position, it does secure your child’s name on our waitlist.

We will endeavour to ensure that your requested start date is met. However keeping in mind that we have regulatory and legislative obligations we must sustain utilisation levels according to our licensed places, and ratios within each age group. Generally within 4 weeks of your anticipated start date, you will receive a notification from the service of your choice regarding the availabilities and potential start date. To secure your child’s position we require a 2 week bond payment that locks the booking in. Once offered a position at The Children’s Spot, we take the time to sit with our families and go through the enrolment procedure. On the day of receiving your enrolment pack you will receive the following forms in an A4 booklet after the $95.00 administration fee is paid. We can provide this in a soft copy or hard copy. All these forms provided, must be filled out, signed and brought back, along with your child’s Original Birth Certificate, Immunization Register Details, and Proof of Address.

Once we have finalized this process, we will organize with you an Orientation Day for your child. This is a one hour booked in time for our families and children to come and play, in order to help your child find belonging in their new learning environment. On a typical orientation, we will arrange a time of 10am-11am for you and your child to come for a play and discuss your child’s individual routine and needs. After providing the Director with your completed enrolment pack, the Director, will introduce you to the Room Leader and Assistant Educator of the specified classroom, and allow them to explain information about the room. They will explain what to bring, where to sign in and out each day, where to place your child’s belongings, what they will be experiencing throughout the day, sleep routines, eating routines, and toileting routines, as well as where to find all parent recorded information. Our educators will encourage your child to join in the classroom activities and experiences while letting you step back and watch how they settle in. During this time, you are free to ask the Educators any questions, or relay to them any information you feel is necessary for them to know about your child. During this time, the Educator will overlook your child’s ‘All About Me’ form or ‘Nursery Routine’ form, and discuss anything that they deem necessary to know. At the end of the orientation, your Director will meet with you again to look over all necessary paperwork, and finalize your child’s booking, and depending on how your child has settled in, we are able to organise a second orientation.

www.mychild.gov.au FAQs

When choosing an option for child care you can select from a range of services, including:

  • Long Day Care
  • Family Day Care
  • In Home Care
  • Outside School Hours Care
  • Occasional Care

You may also wish to use another carer, such as a nanny, friend or relative.

Child Care Benefit Approved child care is child care that has been approved by the Australian Government for Child Care Benefit purposes because it meets certain standards and requirements. Registered child care is child care provided by grandparents or other relatives, friends or nannies who are registered with the Department of Human Services as registered child care providers. Further details on these types of care can be found at the Child Care Benefit Approved Care and Registered Care pages of this site.

Where demand for child care is high, all approved services with the exception of Occasional Care must adhere to Priority of Access Guidelines to ensure there is a fair child care system. The system ensures that, where there are vacancies or a waiting list for child care services, places are allocated to families with the greatest need for child care. These guidelines only apply to Child Care Benefit approved child care services with the exception of Occasional Care. Every approved service with the exception of Occasional Care has to abide by the guidelines and tell you about them when you enrol your child into care.

If you have concerns about your child care service provider, you should firstly raise these concerns directly with the service. If you feel your concerns have not been addressed, you can contact your local state and territory Regulatory Authority. They will address and respond to your complaint or concerns. Contact details for the Regulatory Authority in each state and territory are available on the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website.