0-2 Nursery Room Baby Joey's/ Little Joeys

Our Nursery Room caters for children who are 6 weeks to 2 years old, providing the highest quality of care and education in a loving and nurturing environment. This learning environment marries the home environment routine of each individual child, therefore the routine that your child is on at home, remains the same while in our care.

Whilst in our care in The Baby Joey Room, we ensure that we stimulate the children's interests through cause and effect learning resources, fine motor and cognitive resources, as well as gym mats and play sets that encourage our young bubs to develop their gross motor skills.

The Goals, Objectives, Developmental Aspects and Individual Interests of the children in the nursery are supported and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. (EYLF) and incorporated into our weekly curriculum.

The detailed developmental list below, features the development acheivements that our Educators nurture and support the nursery children.

0-1 Year Olds

Physical Development:

  • Transfers objects from hand to hand.
  • Shakes, rattles and hits objects to cause an effect.
  • Raises to Sitting Position.
  • Rolls over from Back to Tummy, and Tummy to Back.
  • Sits without support.
  • Pulls self up holding onto fixed furniture, shelves and balances.
  • Stepping movments around furniture, and using baby walkers to guide movement.

Social Development

  • Interaction with other children.
  • Sharing and turn taking skills.
  • Social development through groupd activities


  • Block Play and building towers
  • Lining up resources in train line rows, or circular arrangements.
  • Recognises and identifies common objects.
  • Begins to recognise colours, patterns and textures.
  • Moves to music and rhythm
  • Holds crayons and paint brushes in a grasp hold.
  • Self feeds with hands.
  • Can follow tow or more directive movements and hold line of site.
  • Responds to own name.
  • Successfully reaches out and grasps toys.
  • Moves obstacles to get desired objects.


  • Interacts and plays with children.
  • Learns to deal with coping strategies when separating from parents/carers
  • Imaginative and pretend play.


  • Responds to own name being called.
  • Babbles in a tone and to a rhythm.
  • Understands their closest carers and understands words like 'Mam' and 'Dada.
  • Iminitate hand clapping, and other body movements like stomping feet.
  • Vocalises their presence by using loud squeals, noises or sounding out a conversation.
  • Imitates actions and sounds.

1-2 Year Olds

Physical Development:

  • Walks, Climbs, Runs.
  • Attempts to take two to three steps with no support. Adjusts their balance, and maintains focus.
  • Crawls on different levels.
  • Kicks and begins to develop hand eye coordination when throwing and catching a ball.
  • Begins to develop body coordination when dancing to music.
  • Turns pages of books, or begins to develop the motion of turning pages.
  • Can begin to use feeding utensils when eating - prefering finger food or using hands.
  • Can drink from a sippy cup.


  • Repeats actions that lead to results, or is entertained by predictable results when repeating an action.
  • Points to objects when named and begins to identify their personal belongings.
  • Begins to recognise themselves in photos or the mirror.
  • Develops an understanding of socio awareness within the household and mimics these.
  • Manipulates objects, twists and turns objects and begins to develop cause and effect awareness on a higher level.


  • Comprehends and can follow simple instructions or directions.
  • Says first name.
  • Begins to develop two to three word sentences.
  • Enjoys rhymes, music and identifies with favourite nursery rhymes.